Meet Our Instructors

Ms. Agnes (Mrs. Seo)

Agnes Seo, RYT 500, MBA
Director, Owner & Founder

Agnes Seo is the Director and Founder of YogiS. Having lived in Howard County, Maryland almost all her life, she is also the Director at S-Martial Arts (SMA), the yoga studio’s sibling school. As a Master Instructor in Taekwondo, Agnes has been practicing yoga and completed all teacher trainings at The Yoga Center of Columbia and is also a certified ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Instructor. Deepening her practice in yoga, she has found yoga to be one of her healing and joyful moments in the regular routines of life, physically and mindfully. Agnes hopes for YogiS to be the perfect getaway, for all yogis, from the busy routines of our daily minds for a joyful moment to connect to ourselves.

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Lisa Takasaki

Ms. Lisa

Lisa Takasaki, RYT-200 loves practicing yoga as a benefit for her entire being; body, mind and spirit. She brings this passion into each class through guided sequences, matching breath to movement, offering modifications for all abilities. Lisa finds great joy in encouraging each individual to find a new strength and hope through their yoga practice.

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Tanima Sinha

Ms. Tanima

Tanima Sinha (RYT500): Tanima’s interest in Yoga started at a young age during visits with her Grandmother in India where she enrolled at the Yoga Cure Institute in Kolkata. Over the years, Tanima became interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of Yoga, including the sister science of Ayurveda and found herself enrolled in yoga teacher training. Tanima completed her training at The Yoga Center of Columbia, MD.  In Tanima’s classes, she emphasizes proper alignment, focusing on the breath, mindfulness and most importantly patience with oneself.

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Ms. Caryn

Caryn discovered yoga while serving in the Navy and found it to be the perfect complement to military fitness training and a powerful much needed stress relief. She completed teacher training (RYT 200) at the Columbia Yoga Center in 2006 but didn’t start teaching yoga until graduating from HCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program in 2015. Studying anatomy and western physical therapy awakened a greater appreciation for the healing benefits of yoga for the body, mind and spirit. Caryn brings a warm and supportive energy to her vinyasa class with practical suggestions for gaining strength, flexibility, and balance both on and off the mat.


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Ms. Lauretta

Lauretta Ciampa, RYT200; graduated from Columbia Yoga Center, trained in kids yoga from Child Light Yoga. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and enjoy teaching at a local gym. In addition, I am a second-degree black belt in taekwondo and am continuing in my practice of martial arts. When teaching yoga, I like to focus on self-awareness and self-improvement, physically and mentally. Yoga grabbed me while working on my certification due to its vast benefits physically and emotionally. I am also the mother of five beautiful children. I quit my career as a software test engineer to raise and homeschool my children. Watching my children grow has been an honor and blessing. I am inspired that physical movement and poses can help improve our physical and mental well-being; Yoga does that. My passion to embrace life and live it to the fullest every day is the energy I will bring to every yoga class I teach.

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Ms. Jessica

Jessica Gibson, RYT 500, she believes that you can find yourself through yoga.
Yoga teaches me so much of how I approach life off the mat. In my practice I see my fears, pride, joys, challenges, and humility all come out. My practice reminds me of who I am every time I step on my mat and it keeps my mind, body, and breath connected.
Jessica helps to guide and empower students to build strength and flexibility and awareness of breath.
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Ms. Yupa

Yupa Thita, RYT200, LMT, has been practicing yoga for the past 9 years. Her passion is yoga, and she decided she would like to share her experiences on her journey so she decided to take Yoga Teacher Training. Yupa started at The Yoga Columbia Center in 2017 and began teaching in 2018. She also learned about body work, and graduated from the Massage Therapy course at Anne Arundel Community College in December 2017. She finished 50 hours Ayurveda at The Yoga Columbia Center in June 2019.

Yupa uses her knowledge on teaching style to help students with safe alignment, and guides students to connect their mind and body during poses. She brings Prana Yama techniques, to teach students how to breathe as yogis and maintain their breathing through all situations.

She believes teaching is giving out from her heart with love and kindness to students, and to help students feel relaxed. Yupa likes to motivate students to achieve on their goals, and to practice and continue their journey. Everyone can practice yoga, and yoga is a way to learn to know yourself better.

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Ms. Shayna (Harshna)

I completed RYT-200 training at the Yoga Center of Columbia in Maryland. I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years. My practice has helped me grow stronger, flexible, and more confident, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I started teaching yoga in my community as my yoga project during the teachers training program. I am continuing to teach in my community to offer my services as community outreach. My progressive teaching style has helped my students advance from gentle yoga to more advance yoga practice. 
I am very passionate about extending my compassion of yoga to others. I aim to empower my students to find strength and calmness within inner self. I keep my classes playful, interesting, and challenging. My goal is to keep my students safe and guide them unlock their innate knowledge and power to help transform their daily lives.
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